Friday, 26 October 2012

Is the New Age Movement Here To Stay?

The new age movement is here to stay, but why, and what is it anyway.  Clearly, the new age movement is not some organisation we can join, like a union or political association.  It is not something that requires direct funding to survive, and we don't have to pay annual dues to consider ourselves part of it.  In some way though, the new age movement does share many of the views of the people that relate to it the most.  So,

What Is the New Age Movement?

Perhaps it is best described as a system of principles or ideals that many people born into the global culture, can generally relate to, and even adhere to.  One of the more central principles, is that people are beginning to evolve at a more rapid rate.  This acceleration in our evolution is taking place on a personal level, just as much as on a global level, and people who feel this quickening on a personal level, are likely the people who connect to the new age movement the most.

It is often seen that this dramatic acceleration in our evolution, is leading to a new age of divine enlightenment, generally among the human population.  One where the level of caring we have for each other and for our planet, might be considered to be approaching the pinnacle for us in this phase of our evolutionary cycle.  A new age of peace.

The reality is, that each person naturally comes to their own view of what the new age movement is, in their own time and space.  I was reading books from the new age section of the bookshop, long before I had such an expansive view of what the new age might look like.  The books found in this section of the bookshop, cover a wide range of subjects, that a person interested in participating in bringing about a new age for human kind, might have in mind to study.
Subjects including spirituality, healing, and the use of crystals; through meditation, psychology and religion; to the nature of compassion and inner peace, are all to be found in the new age section of our local bookshop.  To have an interest in any of these areas, and perhaps a deep many beyond, is to share in the common interest of the new age movement, whether it is realised by the person in question or not.  It is not even required that a person share a common view of where the new age movement leads, after all, it is a journey rather than an end.

Why the New Age Movement Has No End!

As previously stated, the new age movement is a journey.  It's purpose is to bring about a new age of wisdom and compassion on earth, and all that well comes after.  Once a person becomes enlightened, their journey is clearly not at an end, but rather quite the contrary, it may well be seen as a new beginning. 
From my perspective, we come here to create through life.  Much of what we create is knowledge, often by our experience of, or our interaction with our surroundings.  In effect it is, that each of us comes to our own unique understanding, of our already somewhat unique experiences of life.  This actually occurs through the law of cause and effect, "I do; this happens; ah, I see." As perhaps this demonstrates, we may also learn from our experience of what other people do, in much the same way.
If it is our intention to emulate God, and create of ourselves in our own image.  Then it makes sense for us to prefer that the reflection of ourselves that we create, clearly have the highest quality, and so may we all benefit.  If this is our perfect nature, then as it is with perfection, it is by it's very nature something that can be improved upon, and as such has no end.
For those of us who are just beginning to value a new understanding of some subject that relates to, or is even at the core of, the new age movement, we are beginning to connect with the new age movement and it's ideals in at least that way, for that part of our understanding.  With new people connecting to the new age movement, each and every day, and because of the subjects at it's core, it is a journey that is constantly evolving in it's own way.  Just as it is that each of us is naturally evolving in our own way.  Simply, it has well begun, and therefore it is.  Here to stay, as much as we are.

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