Friday, 12 October 2012

Are We Still Evolving?

The short answer is yes.  A more broad answer very quickly becomes far more complicated.  Some people might be inclined to feel that we have begun to stagnate, while technology and science continue to evolve in leaps and bounds, right before our very eyes.  This is yet part of the evolution of our physical selves, our ability to manipulate in physics through our physical bodies, though it may seem that we are largely removed from this process, both mentally and emotionally.

The reality is, the more that we evolve in the realm of physics, the more obvious it may become, that we have much more room for growth or evolution in the realm of metaphysics, our inner world of thought, emotion and well beyond, that largely remains unseen and misunderstood.  While physics was always my favourite subject growing up, after my spiritual awakening, it quickly became a race between metaphysics and physics, for my attention as favourite subject.  My point is that the balance is quickly shifting towards metaphysics being the subject that will require our urgent study and attention.

In the same way that we grow or evolve to understand how our new mobile phone works, we have evolved to understand so many things in, and facets of our physical world.  Each of us sees this outer world from our own unique perspective, relating to it, with an understanding that is also uniquely our own.  Most of us are also readily aware of the extremely fast pace at which things move in the realm of physics, or our physical worlds, but often don't give the same credit to the pace of things in our metaphysical world.  We might even be willing to fall into the trap of thinking that our metaphysical world is very small, even nonexistent, when compared to that of the physical world.  This can lead us to feeling lost, isolated and alone in today's fast paced society, a bit like an outsider, simply watching it all happen, or like a leaf being blown by the wind.

Interestingly, with this growing sense of isolation that many of us are beginning to experience, we are progressively more likely to find ourselves looking inwards, questioning ourselves, and perhaps wondering if there's more to life, a better way.  From what I've come to know, having spent more than a decade studying metaphysics, by looking inwards, while remaining mindful of the physical world and it's progress, is that this is definitely where the next major leap in our evolutionary cycle shall take place, in our inner worlds.  The dramatic rate of growth in science, or physics, strongly urges us to look inwards, so that we may begin to match the rate of our inner growth with that of our outer growth.

Many of us might be inclined to think that if it isn't broken, why fix it, but from my experience, I find that validation is always in order, and so I relate this metaphysical view to the physical world, and find that if we had taken that attitude with science, or physics, over the last century, we would hardly have grown or evolved as a society at all over that time.  You would almost certainly not be able to read this article on your phone or PC.

My study of metaphysics has as much been a process of self discovery.  Learning how my inner universe functions, how it is structured, and the nature of all the interdependent relationships that take place therein.  Along the way, I've had to create tools to work with the inner processes I've discovered, and then worked to create order in places that at first glance seemed rather chaotic.  The majority of this work took place within my own mind, a place I had a relatively limited understanding of, before I undertook the study of metaphysics.

Through this process, my mind has gradually become a wonderful and expansive place, within my metaphysical realm.  As with the physical realm, it is a place of which I have my own unique view, perspective and understanding.  It is the nexus that allows me to connect to myself, and my physical and metaphysical worlds.  For those of us that say, "ignorance is bliss," I say that most of us would hate not to be able to understand how to use our mobile phones.  If we knew what we were missing by not looking inwards to our metaphysical worlds, we would almost all be as willing and as keen, to work to understand the metaphysical world, as we are the physical world.

Are we still evolving?  The answer is a resounding yes, and yet the biggest burst in our evolutionary journey to take place in modern times, is barely beginning.  Although it is for each of us individually to take care of this growth, it is human culture collectively that benefits.  This naturally happens much the same way as a scientist or inventor comes up with a new idea, and some time later, most of us are using mobile phones.  Don't lose heart, we are definitely still evolving, and the best is yet to come.

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